A former patrolman for the South Ogden Police Department has filed a $2 million U.S. District Court suit claiming he was fired without due process, and that the mayor slandered him by calling him a criminal and a thief.

The suit was filed by Randy Rhodes, a resident of Weber County, against South Ogden City, Mayor Lew A. Wansguard and Police Chief Alma E. Richins.On Sept. 1, during a meeting among Rhodes, Wansguard, Richins and city attorney Richard Stine, the mayor called Rhodes a criminal and a thief, the suit says.

"The defamatory statements were made willfully, intentionally, maliciously and with reckless disregard, knowing (them) to be untrue," it says.

On Aug. 29, Rhodes was told he would be fired because he failed to accurately log his actual number of hours worked, resulting in an overpayment to him, it says. He denied the allegations and asked for specific information so he could refute it, but this was never provided, it says.