Patrons who visited Cartoons, Salt Lake's now-defunct comedy club, often heard raunchy language from comedians. But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims some talk at the club was worse than offensive, it was illegal harassment.

The EEOC has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Cartoons in U.S. District Court, charging that the club's vice president for operations, Charles L. Dooley, was subjected to discriminatory racial epithets.This alleged slur "wasn't part of a comedy routine," said an EEOC attorney. The agency claims "it was made to him as an employee."

Also named as defendant is Thunderbird Management Inc., listed as a successor to Cartoons, which most recently operated at 2201 S. Highland Drive.

According to the EEOC's complaint, Dooley was harassed and then "ultimately discharged from employment on Oct. 19, 1985, because of his race (black)."

As of Nov. 1, 1987, Cartoons was an "involuntarily dissolved corporation," it says.

The action was filed by the EEOC's Phoenix, Ariz., district headquarters.