Carl Lewis, accused of disruptive behavior, will be dropped from the 400-meter relay team if he doesn't mend his ways, U.S. Olympic sprint-relay coach Russ Rogers said Monday.

"He's at the end of his rope. The only thing he can do now is hang himself," Rogers said.The coach said he had the support of te coaching staff and the U.S. Olympic Committee to drop Lewis from the relay team, which would keep him from his goal of winning four gold medals for the second consecutive Olympics.

Lewis also is scheduled to compete in the 100- and 200-meter sprints and the long jump.

"If he continues to disturb the team, I will have to take him off. I'm not going to sacrifice the rest of the team for him," said Rogers.

"The next incident he does to disrupt the team, he's got to go. I have no choice."

Rogers said Lewis got into a heated debate with head coach Stan Huntsman at practice Sunday.

The argument concerned the rights of Lewis' adviser and manager, Joe Douglas.

Rogers said Huntsman became so angered with Douglas that he ordered him barred from the training sites.

Douglas showed up at practice Monday, but Rogers said, "Apparently, all the paperwork didn't go through on it yet."

"He snuck in this morning."

Rogers said that Lewis and Douglas were "causing too much trouble."

"The rest of the team should be running instead of being concerned about problems that Carl and Joe are creating," Rogers said.

The coach said Lewis had "used up all his resources" as far as keeping his place on the relay team.