The Salt Lake Board of Education race in Precinct 3 will have an unopposed candidate in the general election, a deputy county attorney says.

Gavin Anderson said Steven L. Olsen will be the only candidate listed on the general election ballot. The second slot will read "candidate withdrew." That leaves third-place finisher Glenda Gaudig out of the race unless she decides to mount a write-in campaign, Anderson said.Gaudig said she does not believe a write-in campaign could be successful, so she doesn't plan one.

Anderson's opinion was asked after the confusion resulting from the second-place finish of Cynthia Martin, who was listed first on the ballot. Several weeks before the election, Martin announced publicly she was withdrawing from the race in Precinct 3, which roughly covers the South High area.

But the county clerk's office reported that she never formally declared her intentions in writing, as required by law.

Martin said she sent two letters to the clerk's office - one before the election. But elections administrator Merrilea Jones said she didn't receive a letter from Martin until Monday - six days after the primary election.

Because the county clerk wasn't notified until after the election, Martin is officially considered a winner in the primary election and her withdrawal came after the primary.

Anderson said the law makes no provision for third-place Gaudig, so Olsen will be unopposed.