A New York woman, placed on probation for three years for kidnapping her estranged husband, says she will return home Wednesday and leave her husband to die a prisoner of relatives in Provo.

Fourth District Judge J. Robert Bullock, ignoring a request by Ann G. Taylor that she be sentenced to die, on Monday gave her a suspended prison sentence of one to 15 years and a suspended $5,000 fine. Taylor slumped to the floor as Bullock began to pronounce sentence and medical personnel were summoned to check her condition before Bullock resumed pronouncement of sentence 20 minutes later.As terms of her unsupervised probation, Bullock ordered Mrs. Taylor not to violate any laws, to report to the court when required and to have no contact with John M. Taylor. In addition, he ordered Mrs. Taylor to pay restitution for Taylor's medical bills paid by his sister, Nadine Ashby of Provo.

"My request is for lethal injection, for that is the only way I will ever be united with my beloved husband," Mrs. Taylor told Bullock during the sentence hearing. By finding her guilty last week of second-degree felony kidnapping, she said, her trial jury had sentenced both she and Taylor "to a slow, painful death. He will be held prisoner till he dies."

Prosecuting attorney Charlene Barlow said Bullock's decision on sentencing was what she had expected, but she felt Mrs. Taylor needed to serve a short jail term to awaken her from her fantasies.

"I don't think that (jail time) would accomplish anything," Ashby said. She said the family's primary concern is that Mrs. Taylor not try to contact John Taylor, who she said is not being held against his will.

Public defender Gary Weight, who earlier told Bullock his client was innocent of any criminal intent because John Taylor was not taken or held against his will, called the sentence fair.

"She firmly believed her husband was being held incommunicado and away from her for unexplainable reasons," he said. "I don't believe any jail time is necessary."

Punctuating her remarks with repeated scriptural references, she said she had a right and duty July 16, 1987, to rescue her husband from relatives she believes have been holding him against his will. According to court testimony, John Taylor, 80, was abducted from a Provo eye clinic after he failed to return to his wife in New York following what was supposed to be a two-week visit with his sister in July 1986.

"This was not an abduction, this was a honeymoon," said Mrs. Taylor, 58. "He told me he wanted to be with me forever."

Had her husband been held against his will, she said, the couple would not have made love during the two days they were together following the abduction. She asked Bullock to look after John Taylor's welfare and to allow him to receive cards and letters from loved ones.

"John Taylor is slowly but surely having the life squeezed out of him at the house of Nadine Ashby. Please, your honor, free John Taylor."

Barlow said Mrs. Taylor's statements were not credible and she is unrepentant and out of touch with reality. "She still doesn't seem to have gotten the picture. She refuses to believe the truth. She will not believe what she has heard from him (Taylor)."

At John Taylor's request, the couple was divorced earlier this year. Mrs. Taylor, however, has appealed the action.

"She lives in a fantasy world. None of this fits into her fantasy," Ashby said. "We do not know what her fantasy has in store for us next."

"I'm empathetic for your professed love and caring for him," Bullock told Mrs. Taylor, but reminded her she has no rights of association with Taylor because of their divorce.