After two months of searching, police say they still have no firm leads in the killing of a former Utah woman.

Malinda Gibbons, 22, was found dead in her apartment July 18, just two days after she and her husband, Kent, moved in. Three weeks earlier they had left Clearfield, where they resided while Gibbons finished college.Malinda Gibbons died of a stab wound to the upper chest near her neck. Her aorta was cut. Police said an autopsy revealed she had been sexually assaulted. Robbery is believed to be the motive because some jewelry was taken, police said.

Lt. Rick Johnson of the Costa Mesa Police Department said a $25,000 reward offered by a private group has failed to generate solid leads, and police are reviewing the backgrounds of former tenants from the apartment complex where Mrs. Gibbons was killed.

Johnson said police have also been comparing the crime with similar incidentsfrom neighboring areas and other states but have found no link.