Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Wilson hopes his political coattails will pull the other state office Democratic candidates to victory, but he admits he doesn't know if that will occur.

Wilson and his lieutenant governor running mate, South Salt Lake Mayor Jim Davis, called a press conference Tuesday morning in the Capitol to support the other Democratic candidates for state office: attorney general candidate Paul Van Dam, auditor candidate Arthur Miller and treasurer candidate Arthur Monson.Wilson leads Gov. Norm Bangerter in the polls. While not predicting he will win, Wilson said: "Coattails are hard to (predict), but any percentage point (in the voting) a Democrat can provide (to another Democratic candidate) is very important in Utah."

Wilson said there is a lack of trust between the current Republican governor, attorney general, auditor and treasurer and the public.

"I believe if voters will look at the team approach - and that approach is lacking in the current administration and is important - then coattails may run deep and wide."

Van Dam criticized Attorney General David Wilkinson's lack of action on the Timpanogos Mental Health scandal, where mental health managers diverted $3 million to their own pockets. Van Dam said there is clear criminality involved and that Wilkinson is playing politics by not bringing charges before the election.

Miller said Auditor Tom Allen "just didn't do his job," and so allowed the mental health scandal to occur.

Monson said the public has lost faith in all of the Republican state office holders, and that if voters elect all Democrats, they can restore that faith.