A Box Elder County constable faces a possible five-years-to-life prison sentence after being found guilty of trying to poison her husband.

A First District jury deliberated five hours Friday before finding Peggy Johnson, Willard, guilty on three counts of attempted first-degree murder. Prosecutors claimed she tried to kill her husband, Danny Johnson, by putting acid in his medicine capsules.Johnson, who was also convicted of marijuana possession, will be sentenced Oct. 26 before Judge Gordon Low. She remains free on $25,000 bond.

Johnson told the jury Thursday she did not try to poison her husband.

She testified that police informant Cindy Orozco had asked for her help to get $500 to pay restitution to the state.

"She had me believing that she was changing her life," Johnson said. "She quit stealing for drugs. She said she wanted to be a mother again."

Johnson said Orozco had a scheme to sell some crank (methamphetamine) to Johnson for $500. Johnson would then give the crank back to Orozco and she could sell it again and use the money to pay restitution to the state.

Johnson was arrested Jan. 30, two days after Orozco contacted Ogden police and told them of Johnson's attempt to kill her husband.

Tapes of conversations between Orozco and Johnson were played to jury members while they read transcripts of those conversations.

On those tapes, Johnson told Orozco and an undercover policeman she had put oxalic acid in some of her husband's medication capsules to kill him.