The 4-H Petting Farm at the American Fork Training School is looking a lot better these days, thanks to United Way's Youth Volunteer Council.

The youth council recently spent one Saturday removing the old, peeling white paint from the barn, and brightening the old structure with a fresh coat of red paint - the Youth Volunteer Council's kick-off project for the 1988-89 school year.Each high school in the county is represented on United Way's Youth Volunteer Council by two students. These students meet monthly to discuss ways to advocate volunteerism in their schools.

According to Lorri Hirst, Volunteer Center director, the mission of the council is to involve youth in community affairs through volunteerism. "Volunteer work can be great work experience for youth, and can also help them to explore future career choices.

Hirst said the student representatives will form committees in their schools to help get students invovled. "Both one-time group projects and weekly individual volunteerism will be promoted," she said.

The council will be creating a slide-show about youth and community volunteer work which will be used to inform other students about various volunteer opportunities and benefits.