Nicaraguan government and rebel leaders broke off their first talks in three months after failing to agree on a new site for resuming peace negotiations.

President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua accused the rebels, known as Contras, of seeking to avoid negotiations in hopes of receiving new U.S. military aid.The rebel delegation rejected the government's demand that future talks resume in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua, chief rebel delegate Roberto Ferrey said after Monday's four-hour meeting.

He said the rebels proposed Guatemala, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic as the negotiating site.

Deputy Foreign Minister Victor Tinoco, head of the government delegation, said the leftist Sandinistas were sticking by their position that the talks be held in Managua.

Monday's meeting was called as a preliminary step to resuming high-level talks to end the 7-year civil war. Those negotiations broke down June 9.

No date for another meeting was announced.