This fall could bring another triumph to the Minnesota Twins.

Whereas last year's winners played baseball, however, this fall's version involves Duane and Dennis Koslowsky, 29-year-old brothers wrestling at the Summer Olympics.Dennis, a 220-pound chiropractor, became the second American ever to win a silver medal at the World Greco-Roman Championships in 1987. He captured silvers at the 1983 and 1987 Pan American Games. Duane, a 286-pound insurance agent, has won three straight U.S. national Greco-Roman titles, and captured the Pan American Games title and gold medal in the 130 kg (286 pound) class in 1987.

With Dennis competing in the 100 kg (220 pound) class in Seoul and Duane in the 130 kg class, Coach Pavel Katsen calls them "our best bets."

Both have put their careers on hold in the quest for Olympic gold.

The Minneapolis pair has converted childhood tussles and the hard work of chores on the South Dakota family farm into power for the throws essential to victory. A defensive wrestler being lifted may resist only by shifting his weight and balance, rather than by blocking with his legs or grasping his opponent's.

"It's an art form," said Dennis, "and a challenge with immediate results. It's our way of showing courage, strength and desire."

"We grew up in a community which placed a lot of esteem on success in wrestling," said Duane.

The blond brothers have coached one another during tournaments.

"I can see right away not only what Duane is doing tactically but where his mind is at," said Dennis. "Ten-thousand people may be screaming but I'll hear his voice."

Dennis recalled one tournament where his brother was going to be awarded a match by forfeit but had left the arena before his hand was raised on the mat by the referee.

"They called his name, so I just walked out like I belonged there and had my hand raised instead."