Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center has a new director of administrative services.

Jerry Syme - previous administrator at the Bear River Community Mental Health Center - succeeds Craig Stephens, who resigned following allegations that he and seven other administrators misused more than $3.5 million in public funds."It's a real plus for us that he (Syme) comes to us with experience in the community mental health center system," center Director Don Muller said. "We are fortunate that he is willing, and desirous of change."

Syme will work part-time until Oct. 1, when he will come on board full time, Muller said. The announcement was made during a meeting with the executive committee of the Timp Mental Health Authority.

Syme said, "My focus is to ensure that the record-keeping procedure is proper and legal, and my obligation is to assist the director and authority board in the ways and means of monitoring fiscal health."

He said one of his goals will be to create a healthy mix of revenue coming from those who help fund the center and those who pay fees at the center, so that if funds are cut from state or federal sources, the center still will have a budget to work with.

According to data compiled by Syme, Timp Mental Health revenue in 1985 came 95 percent from funders and 5 percent from payers. In 1986, 96 percent came from funders and 4 percent from payers.

Most centers do not have the ideal 70 percent funders to 30 percent payers ratio, but he said that is what he plans to work toward at the center.

"We do have a concern and need to reverse the trend," Syme said. "By actively collecting from the payers, most often insurance companies, then we can ride out the tough times better. This will help us strengthen some areas and not make us overly dependent on other areas."

Muller told the committee that the center was fortunate to hire Syme in an early transition at the center. He also announced hiring of the center's personnel analyst.

Floyd Clark, an analyst at the American Fork Training School, will start full-time at the center Oct. 1.