Utah's nine colleges and universities can expect almost a 28 percent increase in total full-time equivalent students in the next 10 years, figures prepared for the state Board of Regents show.

In 1997-98, Utah is forecast to have 75,113 FTE students, compared to 57,766 FTE students projected for this academic school year. The updated projections are based on new state population forecasts, high school intentions survey data and actual enrollment for 1987-88.The projections for 1987-88 are 1,486 FTE more than was originally estimated a year ago. The updated projection for actual head count is 77,469, compared with the original estimate of 76,436.

Updated enrollment figures for the institutions for the 1988-89 academic years are: University of Utah, 24,838 or 19,310 FTE; Utah State University, 14,020 or 10,500 FTE; Weber State College, 12,360 or 9,430 FTE; Southern Utah State College, 3,136 or 2,950 FTE; Snow College, 1,477 or 1,340 FTE; Dixie College, 2,349 or 1,940 FTE; College of Eastern Utah, 2,054 or 1,366 FTE; Utah Valley Community College, 6,985 or 5,480 FTE; and Salt Lake Community College, 9,891 or 6,450.