Warring gang members fired shots and went on a club-wielding rampage at an outdoor Latin music festival, and two people were shot, police said.

About 20 bystanders and a police officer also were injured in the melee Sunday, which took 100 police officers more than three hours to quell, police said. Police estimated at least 50 people were arrested."I'm trembling - I'm in pure fear," said Mayda Ramirez, one of at least 5,000 visitors at the Central American Independence Day Festival in Tropical Park.

The violence began when someone fired a gun into the crowd and hit a young man in the shoulder, police said. "It appears to be some gang-related activities that got out of control very quickly," said Metro Police Chief Fred Taylor.

Bottles flew, and young men carrying sticks moved through the crowds, sending spectators into a mad dash.

For more than three hours the youths played cat-and-mouse with officers, who ran down and tackled many of the young men.