The Kennecott Citizens Advisory Council studying groundwater problems near the Bingham Copper Mine will meet Sept. 30 to review an environmental impact assessment on well-water quality.

The study commissioned last winter by BP Minerals America, owner of the Kennecott Copper Division, was designed to trace sources of possible contamination in wells near the mouth of Bingham Canyon.The copper mining firm has drilled several monitoring wells along the Oquirrh Mountain foothills in western Salt Lake County to determine the cause of the problem.

Several homeowners living in the area near the canyon mouth told the Utah Health Department and state Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste they were having problems with particulate contamination in well water.

BP Minerals America voluntarily installed pipelines to provide the homes with culinary water and agreed to conduct the environmental impact assessment.

The company also is installing a water collection system in Bingham Canyon to try to intercept ground and surface water.

The state will hold public hearings on the assessment later this year or early in 1989, said Kent Graham, director of the Solid and Hazardous Waste Bureau.