The pilot of Delta Flight 1141 said in a published report Monday that he had no time to pray and was certain "we were all dead" when the plane went down, but that God watched over those who survived.

"I think God saved us from death," Larry Davis told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Davis, 48, is a devout Christian.The Boeing 727 crashed Aug. 31 at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, killing 14 people. Ninety-four survived.

"Everything happened in 11 seconds and I was totally occupied with the airplane during that time," Davis said.

"I'm so thankful for all those people who were able to get out," he said. "I felt like when impact began, that we were all dead."

Davis suffered back and facial injuries and can eat nothing solid because his jaws are wired shut. He and Delta Air Lines have been named in a lawsuit filed in connection with crash.