To the editor:

After Orrin Hatch's outburst in St. George, and in all of his utterances since his election, he has railed and castigated all "liberals." In fact, the "L" word is so repugnant as not even to be uttered by a person of conservative purity. Liberals replaced pinkos and commy-lovers in the lexicon of pure conservatives.Now, lo and behold, to my mail box comes a registration form, printed at government expense and mailed on Hatch's frank at government expense, addressed to every postal customer in Utah, inviting "Dear Friend" to a Utah Woman's Conference, "Discovering the Diversity and Unity of Women"! If this isn't a blatant incursion into the province of liberals, I'll eat my hat.

One thing about Orrin, when he makes a turn-around it is 180 degrees. What bothers me is that he wants his cake and to eat it as well. He wants to bash "liberals" hip and thigh at every turn, and then turn around and invite everyone, but presumably mostly women, to a full day's discussion of the "tremendous strides" of women, but also to discuss the remaining "challenges women face at home and in the work force."

This is to be a "springboard for sounding new ideas and a forum for exploring new options. . .from family issues to the dollars-and-cents realities of today's economy."

Now, if that isn't glaring wide-open liberalism, which contradicts his constant attack on liberals, then political history is upside down. Is Orrin a conservative except just before election?

Frank E. Moss

Former U.S. Democratic senator

Salt Lake City