A newspaper has located a girl who may be the daughter of a couple suing a hospital for $100 million because, they claim, their healthy newborn was swapped for a sickly infant 91/2 years ago.

Reporters, using public records, found the blue-eyed girl in the southwest Florida city where she lives with her father, the St. Petersburg Times said Friday. She is the only other white girl reported born at tiny Hardee Memorial Hospital at the time the plaintiff gave birth, the Times said.To protect the child, the paper did not identify her.

Regina and Ernest Twigg sued in federal court in Tampa last week, accusing three doctors and a nurse at the Wauchula hospital of keeping their biological child, a healthy baby born Dec. 2, 1978. The suit contends the Twiggs were instead given a sickly infant.

That child, Arlena, died Aug. 23 after a long battle with a heart problem.

The Twiggs say blood tests performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore shortly before Arlena's death prove that the child they raised was not their biological daughter. They claim personnel at Hardee Memorial swapped infants in order to give away or sell the real baby Twigg and then altered the hospital's records to hide their actions.

The family of the girl found by the newspaper dismisses the idea that she could be the Twiggs' biological daughter.

"My sympathy goes out to those people," the girl's father told the Times. "They have every right to pursue their real child. (My daughter) is not their child . . . she will never be their child."