Who are the school board candidates in Salt Lake Precinct 3? Only the county attorney knows for sure.

Salt Lake County Clerk Dixon Hindley said his office considers Cynthia Martin the primary election's unofficial second-place winner in Precinct 3, which roughly covers the South High area. The official vote canvass will be made Monday. The second-place spot means she'll be listed on the November ballot, challenging Steven L. Olsen.But Martin announced in early September that she was withdrawing from the race. She said she sent a letter to that effect to the county clerk's elections office last week and another this week after reporters called Tuesday night for election comments.

The only trouble is that her letters haven't been received, Hindley said, so Martin, who was listed first on the primary ballot, is still officially in the race.

Elections administrator Merrilea Jones said, "I can't take anything verbally. It has to be in writing. She's put this office in a pickle. If she knew what her intentions were several weeks ago, she should have sent us a letter then."

Third-place finisher Glenda Gaudig wants to know where all of this leaves her. Is she going to be running against Olsen in the general election?

That's a good question, Hindley responded. He said he'd ask for a county attorney's ruling.

Martin said she can't understand what happened to her letter. "I feel really bad about the mixup."

Gaudig said that when Martin announced her withdrawal in early September, she decided not to campaign hard for the primary, saving her dollars for the general election.

"I don't know what to say about all of this. I'm totally confused," Gaudig said.