City employees and their families will not receive coverage for ambulance service above that provided by insurance, the City Council decided this week.

The Lehi Employee Association had requested that the city pay any costs above that covered by insurance for ambulance service for city employees and their immediate families.But council members said the city already covers the majority of ambulance service costs through its insurance and that additional coverage at city expense was unnecessary.

The council also passed a resolution establishing a payment schedule for the sewer connection fee for low- and moderate-income homeowners.

"The plumbing code requires that any home within 300 feet of the sewer line be hooked up," said Don Pinkham, public works director. "We've had some people who haven't paid the fee in the past because they were unable to come up with the money."

The resolution allows monthly payments of $25 until the $1,000 sewer connection fee is paid off.