Prosecutors have filed reduced charges against a man who is accused of biting a Salt Lake police officer and then telling the patrolman he had been exposed to the AIDS virus.

John Isaac Gallegos, 23, agreed to submit to a blood test to determine whether he had been exposed to the lethal disease.Gallegos was charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor assault on a peace officer in connection with an Aug. 9 incident in which Officer David Cracroft suffered a human bite on the arm.

"We reduced the charges from aggravated assault to assault on a police officer," prosecutor Greg Skordas said Thursday.

Jerry Mendez, the Salt Lake police detective who investigated the incident, said he would have wanted Gallegos charged with attempted homicide if the defendant did in fact have AIDS.

But Skordas refused to comment on results of the test Gallegos took Aug. 24 to determine whether the man does have the incurable disease.

Gallegos is scheduled for a Sept. 16 trial in circuit court on the misdemeanor charges.

Cracroft and Officer Paul Gardiner responded to a burglary-in-progress call at 771 S. Second East, the 3rd Circuit Court criminal complaint and police records said.

Cracroft said he spotted a man matching the burglar's description running across Seventh South, and cornered the man. Gallegos is accused of punching Gardiner and then biting Cracroft on the right upper arm.