Federal investigators say the engines from the Delta Air Lines jetliner that crashed last month in Texas show no evidence of mechanical failure - a finding that is focusing more attention on possible pilot error.

The National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday the evidence shows "that all engines (on the plane) were running as commanded and capable of producing full power at the time of impact."Early speculation after the Aug. 31 crash at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, in which 14 of 108 people aboard Delta Flight 1141 died, was possible engine failure because witnesses reported fire coming from an engine.

The cockpit voice recorder tape also included a reference by a crew member to "engine failure" seconds before the crash.

But the NTSB said that after the three Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines were disassembled at the manufacturer's facilities in Connecticut "there was no evidence of pre-impact failure" in any of the engines.