To the editor:

I would appreciate the opportunity to respond to Greg Beesley's letter, representing the Tax Limitation Coalition of Utah, published in the Deseret News, Aug. 31.I make logistical arrangements for teleconferences for our extension agents including the one in which President Stanford Cazier discussed the tax initiatives.

Teleconferences are used is to communicate with our staff statewide for a fraction of the "taxpayers money" it would take to have them leave their counties to meet in a central location for a meeting.

Utah State University Extension is responsible for providing educational programs to the citizens of the State of Utah. We are also responsible for disseminating information to our staff who in turn will be prepared to present educational programs to their clientele.

Please, Mr. Beesley, do you really believe we don't have the right to inform our own staff of the impact of a tax reduction to this university and their programs as a part thereof? Is this what you refer to as "using tax money to influence political decisions?"

You imply that Stan Cazier used his position to impose his political will upon us. I emphatically state nothing could be further from the truth. He did indeed inform us how much money would be taken from Utah State University should the initiatives pass.

I take strong objection to Mr. Beesley's inference that public or university employees are not "people." Instead, he makes us sound like we are mindless beings not capable of thinking for ourselves. Worse, we do not have the right of Americans to think, feel, or hear.

Marlene Berger

Utah State University

Cooperative Extension Service