Mick Jagger had a "Peter Pan complex" and broke from the Rolling Stones to compete with younger musicians, but now he's getting no satisfaction from his solo career, says fellow Stone Keith Richards."Now he wants to put the Stones back together - because there's nowhere else to go," said Richards, who's about to release his own solo effort, "Talk Is Cheap."

Richards, in a Rolling Stone interview, said he never wanted to record without the Stones. But Jagger thought he had outgrown the group when he turned solo in 1986.

"Mick kind of lost touch with the fact of how important the Stones were for him," he said. "He thought he could just hire another Rolling Stones. And you can't. You can't hire that kind of thing."

Jagger, he said, had a "Peter Pan complex" and was determined to compete with younger musicians for space on the top 10.

"He's not living a happy life. To me, that's unacceptable. I've got to make him happy! To me, I've failed if I can't eventually get my mate to feel good about himself."