A Utah State Prison inmate who has partially completed a male-to-female sex-change operation is fitting into the population at the women's facility without any problems, prison officials say.

The 42-year-old inmate has been taking hormone shots for more than 20 years, has had breast implants and "appears to be a woman," Utah Corrections Department spokesman Juan Benavidez said Thursday.The inmate's genitalsare not functional and the prison has determined the inmate is no threat to the other 100 inmates in the women's facility, Benavidez said.

There was discussion about whether to put the inmate in the men's or women's facility.

"Certainly safety played a role in the decision, but our thinking was that she is more of a female than a male," Benavidez said.

A former inmate told a television station that the women prisoners were upset by the inmate, but Benavidez said no one in the unit is "concerned about it."

"When I talked to the warden this morning, she said she had talked with all of the women in the prison. She said the inmate was not causing a problem and they (the other inmates) were willing to write a letter to that effect," Benavidez said.