Evidence from the federal trial of four polygamist clan members convicted in a church bombing and police standoff may be used in the state murder trial of three of the defendants, a judge has ruled.

Prosecutors David Schwendiman and Creighton Horton asked U.S. District Judge Bruce Jenkins Friday to release evidence for possible use in the trial of Addam Swapp, 27, his brother-in-law, John Timothy Singer, 22, and Swapp's brother, Jonathan Swapp, 21.The three are charged with second-degree murder in the slaying of Utah Corrections Lt. Fred House.

House was shot to death when a gun battle ended the clan's 13-day siege with police, triggered by the Jan. 16 bombing of a nearby Mormon chapel.

Evidence from the federal trial includes three guns, bullets, curtains riddled with bullet holes and a letter from Gov. Norm Bangerter to clan leader Addam Swapp and Swapp's reply.

There were no objections to the requests from defense attorneys.