Dear Abby: My husband's brother is the kind who will walk into your house, head right for the refrigerator and help himself. It has always burned me up, but I've never said anything. Sunday, Ned did that stunt again. He took out a bowl of liver and mashed potatoes I had scraped off everybody's plates and mixed for cat food. I was saving it for my neighbor's cat, which I am feeding while she is on vacation. Well, Ned made himself a big sandwich of this stuff, got himself a beer, and seemed to enjoy it. I never said a word until he got all through, and then I told him what he ate. I am not going to tell you what happened after that, Abby, but I laughed so hard I cried. Ned isn't talking to me and neither is my husband. Did I do anything so terrible? The stuff was fresh and wouldn't have killed anybody.


Dear Abby: When our daughter was a baby, I found her pacifier in our bed. I thought it had dropped out of her mouth while she was in our bed, but later I found the pacifer in the drawer of our nightstand table and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how it got there.

Then one morning I woke up early and saw may husband sound asleep with the facifier in his mouth! We had a good laugh over it, and that evening when I fixed the baby's bottle I jokingly asked him if he wanted a bottle too. He said yes, so I fixed him one.

He loved it, so I kept fixing him a bottle right along with the baby's. I took the baby off the bottle when she was 14 months old, but my husband still has one every night, and he is 37. Please don't use our names as my husband is well known here. He works on the space program. Thank you Happy Wife

Dear Abby: I am a Taurus very much in love with a Scorpio.

First, let me explain that before I knew anything about the zodiac, I foolishly married a Sagittarius, so our marriage was doomed from the start.

My Scorpio married an Aries (an impossible union). They would have made excellent business partners, but their temperaments were all wrong for marriage.

Anyway, my Scorpio has left his Aries, but I can't get rid of my Sagittarius. I'd divorce him but I have no grounds, and he won't divorce me, although he has all the grounds he needs.

My horoscope says I should make no important decisions of the heart until after the first of next year, but I just can't see spending another Christmas with this miserable man.