Utah Valley Regional Medical Center will lose a top administrator in October. Keith D. Tintle, administrator of operations, has been hired by LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City as associate administrator of hospital operations.

In a recent interview Tintle reflected on his association with UVRMC, which he called a "growth" hospital."While many hospitals are facing serious challenges," said Tintle, "this hospital has added new services and continued to grow. There are very few services that members of the community have to go to Salt Lake City for. Utah Valley is fortunate to have such super quality medical services for this size of a community."

Tintle praised the caliber of physicians and other medical service personnel associated with the hospital.

"What it all comes down to after you have million-dollar equipment," Tintle said, "is the caliber of people. And the caliber here is exceptional. That (working with the staff) has been rewarding."

Tintle joined the hospital's staff in 1984 as associate administrator. After a year in that position, he was named administrator of operations. As such, Tintle was accountable for overall operational activities of the 389-bed medical center and worked directly with department administrators. He also oversaw major capital allocations and construction proj-ects at the hospital.

Tintle said his duties at LDS Hospital will be similar but on a larger scale.

"It will be exciting to get more involved in the academic setting at LDS, which is involved in a lot of research," said Tintle.

Tintle joined the hospital shortly after Mark Howard was named chief administrator. Tintle praised Howard, calling him an innovator who gives his employees a great deal of latitude to implement programs.

"Mark and I were a good team," said Tintle. "It's been a real pleasure to work with him."

Tintle said major accomplishments at UVRMC in the past several years included managing growth and a changing focus, and new services. Tintle has been involved in development of the Rehabilitation and Transitional Care Unit being constructed. Coincidentally, LDS Hospital also is constructing such a facility.

In addition to his work at UVRMC, Tintle served on the Utah County Board of Adjustment, as a Pony League baseball coach, as a board member of the Central Utah Foundation and as coordinator of the medical explorer post at the hospital.