AGE: 44.WHERE BORN: Erie, Pa.

FAMILY: Wife Jeanne.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of science in electrical engineering, CASE Institute of Technology and master's in business administration, Harvard University.

PRIMARY PRODUCTS: Telecommunications products and services.

PRIMARY MARKETS: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 2,930. ANNUAL SALES: $438 million in Utah, $12 billion (US WEST Inc.)


FIRST "REAL" JOB: Telephone installation and repair, Ohio Bell in cleveland, Ohio.

MANAGEMENT STYLE: Participative, team approach, informal, open door.

STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS: Create an environment that allows people to take risks and implement their good ideas.

A MEMORABLE FAILURE: First attempt in the public affairs arena. A state bill I was advocating was defeated in its first committee review.

HEROES: George Patton for his ability to inspire and lead his troops and Dwight Eisenhower for his ability to coordinate a diverse team.

LEISURE TIME AND HOBBIES: golf (poorly_ and NFL, college, in fact any football.

FAVORITE BOOK AND MOVIE: Book: Red Storm Rising. Movie: Task Force with Gary Cooper.