The Utah Symphony's management has rejected striking musicians' latest proposal.

The announcement followed a late-afternoon meeting Wednesday of the symphony board's executive committee. The musicians' offer, which responded to a compromise proposal from the board Monday, called for a 16 percent increase in salaries over three years as well as broadcast-and-recording-fee guarantees management said would have amounted to $1 million annually.Board chairman Deedee Corradini said the management is standing by the Monday offer, which would involve a 3.7 percent salary reduction the first year to be followed by increases of 5.7 and 5 percent.

"I wouldn't use the term final offer," executive director Paul R. Chummers said of the decision. "There are still things to be ironed out on non-economic matters. What this means is that's as far as we're going as of Wednesday evening."

Union negotiators said they will need to confer before responding to the board's action. At present, the chief negotiators for both sides are out of town.

Tuesday the management canceled the opening concerts of the season, which had been scheduled Friday and Saturday. Earlier the strike, which began Sept. 1, forced cancellation of a benefit for the orchestra and the Sundance Institute.