Liberace's ex-lover provided some of the new evidence tying a Hollywood drug dealer to the 1981 Laurel Canyon slayings, for which the late sex-film star John Holmes once was tried, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Scott Thorson, 29, who was Liberace's companion from 1977 to 1982, helped authorities build their case against nightclub owner and convicted cocaine trafficker Adel Nasrallah in the four Laurel Canyon beating deaths, the Times said, citing unidentified sources.The killings allegedly were in revenge for a cash and drug robbery of Nasrallah, authorities have said, and Holmes admitted bringing the assailants to the Laurel Canyon home.

Holmes, like Liberace, died of acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Nasrallah, 59, who went by the name Eddie Nash, and former bodyguard Gregory DeWitt Diles, 40, were charged Sept. 8 with four counts of murder and one of attempted murder. They are being held without bail and face possible death penalties if convicted.

Four people were bludgeoned to death during the nighttime attack in the affluent residential neighborhood and a fifth was left for dead. She survived but was unable to identify her attackers.

Deputy District Attorney Dale Davidson, who is prosecuting Nash and Diles, said Friday that authorities have new witnesses in the case, but would neither confirm nor deny Thorson's involvement.

"And right now I'm most interested in protecting my witnesses and avoiding anything that might prejudice the case against Mr. Nash and Mr. Diles, so I can't ethically say anything one way or another," the prosecutor said.

Nash and Diles were scheduled to name attorneys and enter pleas in a court appearance Monday, at which time the prosecution will provide a list of its witnesses and an outline of its case, he said.

"The names of the witnesses will be out before long, but it would be wrong for me to be the first one to give them out," Davidson said.

Thorson, who sued Liberace for more than $12 million and wrote a kiss-and-tell book about their relationship, remained in jail Friday awaiting sentencing for a drug-related armed robbery.