Two members of the Northwest American Everest Expedition were caught in an avalanche on the world's highest peak but escaped serious injury, a spokesman said Friday.

Dan McConnell, the group's spokesman in Seattle, said deputy team leader Don Goodman, 30, of Seattle, suffered only a broken finger and bumps and bruises, and porter Kami Phurba Sherpa was shaken up when they were swept several hundred feet down the Kumba Icefall and over a 30-foot vertical embankment.McConnell, who was in contact with team leader Jim Frush, 37, of Seattle, said the mountain climbers completed the first phase of their effort on Sept. 10 after eight days of "difficult and life-threatening climbing."

The two injured men were moved to a base camp set up at the 20,000-foot level where they will recuperate from the accident.