The Polish leadership and Solidarity founder Lech Walesa held a third round of talks Friday, and agreed to open roundtable discussions next month on resolving the nation's economic and political woes.

A late-night broadcast on state-run Polish television said: "A nearing of stands has taken place" in the six-hour meeting held in a secluded government villa outside Warsaw.Participating in the preliminary talks to pave the way for the proposed roundtable were nine Solidarity officials besides Walesa, Interior Minister Czeslaw Kiszczak and aides, along with representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and the ruling Communist Party.

"It has been agreed upon that the subjects of the roundtable will include, among others, the organization of state institutions and of public life, the speeding up of reform and modernization of the national economy (and) the shape of the Polish trade union movement," the television broadcast said.