A Tongan national charged with stabbing another Salt Lake man to death at a party pleaded guilty to manslaughter Monday.

Third District Judge Homer Wilkinson then sentenced Taniela Fangupo, 20, to begin serving one to 15 years in Utah State Prison.Fangupo was originally charged with second-degree murder in the death of Mana Hautau, 28, who was stabbed in the abdomen and heart with a butcher knife during an all-night party July 9 in a clubhouse behind the home at 1291 Iola Ave.

Fangupo is a legal alien of the United States, married an American and was applying for citizenship. The defense asked Wilkinson to recommend to the Immigration and Naturalization Service that Fangupo not be deported, and the prosecution did not object. Wilkinson, however, refused to make any recommendation to the immigration service.