Officials in another west Millard County community have voted in opposition to a hazardous waste incinerator facility. This time it was Leamington's turn.

Mayor Jack Nielson and council members voted unanimously to oppose a proposed treatment plant that would be built by Rollins Environmental Services Inc. in the town of Lynndyl.Officials in several other communities, including Delta, the largest city in the area, have also come out in opposition to the facility.

In rejecting support for the plant, Leamington's mayor and Council Members Julie Chase, Brook Pace, Inez Babb and Sylvan Lovell said they believe the facility should be located no closer than 50 miles from any populated area in Millard County.

Most of the objections by residents in west Millard have been based on claims that a waste incinerator would be a health hazard and might also adversely affect the underground water. On the plus side of the controversy, Rollins says claims the plant would employ as many as 120 people.