During telecasts of National Football League games, commercial time is being donated to promote The United Way.

In the TV spots, a halfback with sturdy legs helps a crippled boy struggle down a walkway. The scene rejuvenates an old expression: United We Stand.The United Way in Utah was more successful last year than ever before, raising $4.5 million. That isn't a cold statistic at all. It's warm.

In these times of budget crunch and frugality, residents have been more willing than ever to pitch in and put their money where their hearts are.

A myriad of United Way agencies reach for and serve the homeless, the deprived, the disadvantaged, the helpless, the handicapped, the sick, the suffering, the needy, those who have nowhere else to turn. Without these agencies, and the support they receive from Utahns, there would be much more human tragedy.

As the 1988 United Way campaign gets underway this week, we urge those who showed so much generosity last year to help again. In the last analysis, it's not so much a question of generosity of the pocketbook as it is generosity of the spirit.

Instead of a sacrifice, giving should be considered an investment in one's fellow man.