A new law prompted by Larry Moore's slithering, squeaking menagerie is forcing him to get rid of 146 of his snakes.

Responding to neighbors' complaints about living next door to a house filled with 150 snakes - and several hundred rats and mice needed to feed them - the municipal council voted Monday to limit to four the number of snakes or rodents in a household."They don't belong in a residential neighborhood; in an urban setting, 150 of anything is too much," said Alderman John Keryluk. "I wouldn't want to live next door to a house where I know there are snakes or rodents in large numbers."

Keryluk, co-chairman of the council committee that proposed the bylaw amendment, said Moore keeps his reptiles and rodents in cages.

"The concern in the neighborhood is about the rodents or the snakes breaking loose," he said. "What if an uncaring person were to break into his house and kick some of the cages apart?"

Alf Miller, who lives across the street from Moore, said he complained about the snakes 21/2 years ago after he found one in his yard.

"It was over 6 feet long and had a head about the size of an orange."