Treasury Secretary-designate Nicholas F. Brady is heading toward near-certain confirmation by the Senate after receiving the unanimous support of the Senate Finance Committee.

Sen. Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y., said Brady's nomination could be passed by the full Senate as early as Wednesday but certainly would be acted on before a meeting late next week in West Berlin of finance ministers from the world's industrial powers.Before the committee voted 15-0 on Tuesday to recommend Brady's confirmation by the full Senate, the Wall Street investment banker and former senator promised to reassure the G-7, as the finance ministers' group is known, of his intent to continue the economic cooperation policies of his predecessor, James A. Baker III.

The steady decline of the dollar since September 1985, coordinated by the United States and its economic allies, has been credited with reviving U.S. sales abroad and reducing the trade deficit this year.

Brady delivered generally upbeat remarks on the prospects of narrowing both the trade gap and the federal budget deficit.