The high cost of hot dogs was the hot topic Sunday at the local Olympic organizers' first press conference.

"Have you ever paid $2.75 for a hot dog?" one reporter asked.The pricey dogs were coming from a restaurant at the Main Press Center.

Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee said the restaurant was operated by a private enterprise and "we have asked them to cut the price as much as possible."

"As a matter of fact, they cut down some, for instance hamburger from 4,000 won ($5.60) to 3,500 won ($4.90), and also they cut some sandwiches in price. ... We are trying very hard to see that the price will go down. It's very hard," spokesman Lee Jae-hong said.

Rain postponed flag raising ceremonies for Tunisia and China at the Athletes Village. Those for Spain, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Kenya were rescheduled.

Based on Seoul's past weather patterns, the Korea Meteorological Service is predicting four or five rainy days during the Sept. 17 to Oct. 2 Games, usually with no more than two-tenths inches in one day.

Lee said some 10,000 athletes from 161 nations expected for the Olympics, 5,149 from 117 nations had checked into the village as of Saturday, along with 1,333 officials.

Asked about reports that Madagascar, one of the 161 nations, had decided not to come, Lee said the organizers had received no notification.

Six nations - North Korea, Albania, Cuba, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and the Seychelles - never replied to their original invitations to enter the Games in Seoul.