Los Angeles Dodgers' farm teams had the highest winning percentage of any club's minor league system this year and National League West affiliates had the highest percentage among the divisions.

The Dodgers' clubs, led by the 52-17 record of Great Falls of the Pioneer Rookie League, had a .559 winning percentage. Only the Bakersfield Dodgers finished as low as .500 or lower than second place.Minor league teams affiliated with the NL West, which hasn't won a World Series since 1981 or a pennant since 1984, were 230 games over .500. The American League East was second at four games over.

Charlie Blaney, director of minor leagues for the Dodgers, attributed the success of the Dodgers' farm teams to the performance of the major league club, which held a four-game lead over Houston going into Saturday's play.

"We didn't have to rush players like we have in the past," Blaney said. "Shoring up the major league team has allowed us to let players play at the level they are ready to play at this year."

Success in the majors, however, is no guarantee for success in the minors. Affiliates of the Oakland Athletics, who lead the AL West, had a .443 percentage, next to last among the 26 clubs. Farm teams of the Boston Red Sox, who lead the AL East, had a .396 percentage.

Only independent and co-operative clubs were worse, finishing 259-445.