The PTA is making a push to register children in the Child Safe program, a national emergency child identification service, during the first two weeks of September.

Cathy Bledsoe, safety and welfare commissioner on Provo City's PTA board, said the PTA is sponsoring Child Safe, and for every child that registers at school, the Minnesota-based Child Safe organization will donate $1 to the school. Parents are also invited to register their preschoolers at any elementary school.The program is designed to prevent problems such as occurred when 10-year-old Christopher Redd went out for a bike ride June 6. Christopher was injured in an auto-bike accident and because, like most youngsters, he carried no identification, Orem police had to search for 51/2 hours to identify him and contact his family. The child died of his injuries a week later.

In an effort to improve identification procedures in Utah County, school districts are taking part in the nationwide Child Safe Program, a national service that recently became available in Utah.

A child can be registered in the program for $5 a year. A medical information form is completed and sent into a central location. Every child receives 50 iron-on labels.

A toll-free number and an identification number are printed on the label so that if a child is injured and his identification is unknown, a call can be made to find out who he is. The computer service is accessible 24 hours a day.

He said Child Safe isn't just for children. Adults can also participate in the program.