Utah State University students have approved a referendum calling for an increase of $2 per quarter in student fees for library acquisitions.

Chris Avery, USU's outgoing student body president, told the Institutional Council on Saturday that the 1,123-810 vote favoring the fee increase was wider than any margin that elected new student body officers on the same ballot.Avery said the vote sent a message that students on the Logan campus are committed to academic quality.

"Even though the library budget was increased by $190,000 this year, the one-time increase will not be enough to bring it up to standard," he said. "The State Board of Regents agreed earlier to allocate about $200,000 of a proposed tuition increase to the library, but then decided that would be impossible because of the state's bleak economic conditions."

Avery said he hopes the fee will not be permanent, but the student fees board will decide.

"I'll be gone, but the new officers plan to lobby the Legislature, the Board of Regents and this council to budget more money for the library next year," he said.