Prince Charles and Princess Diana might as well get a royal divorce, according to 37 percent of the People magazine readership.

Asked how the royal couple should handle its marital difficulties, another 34 percent said they should do something romantic to rekindle the flame and 9 percent suggested they keep up appearances but mess around on the side.

The magazine also surveyed readers on politics with 42 percent favoring George Bush over Michael Dukakis (38 percent) and 45 percent saying Mikhail Gorbachev is smarter than President Reagan (35 percent).

On other matters, Cher and Arnold Schwarzenegger were voted best bodies and Bruce Springsteen and Whitney Houston were chosen best vocalists. The losers were Michael Jackson (55 percent said he shouldn't have had a nose job and he finished only third in the male vocalist category) and Geraldo Rivera (finished third to boom boxes and ringing car alarms when readers were asked what they would most like to eliminate from the planet).