Mohammed Ali Hamadi "joyfully pointed" to the blood of a murdered U.S. hostage and indicated it was a great victory for his cause, a crew member of a hijacked jetliner testified Tuesday.

The chief judge in the case meanwhile expressed relief that a West German businessman shortly after Hamadi's arrest had been released after 20 months of captivity in Lebanon.Flight engineer Benjamin C. Zimmermann took the stand in the Frankfurt trial of the Lebanese Shiite Moslem, accused of the 1985 hijacking of a TWA airliner and killing of U.S. Navy diver Robert Stethem.

Zimmerman, of Cascade, Idaho, said Hamadi proudly pointed to blood on the aircraft's fuselage as he and Hamadi walked around the plane when it landed in Algiers, Algeria from Beirut.

"When we went around the front, the nose of the airplane, Mr. Hamadi joyfully pointed to the blood running down the door. And with the pistol he pointed - he indicated - he was very proud of this gun and of him having caused this," Zimmermann told the court.

Zimmermann said that the flight crew was attempting to keep the airplane on the ground for as long as possible and that he and Hamadi left the plane to inspect its engines.