The City Council has taken under advisement a plan to annex 107 acres between their city and West Bountiful.

The council approved the annexation plan Aug. 2, but held a public hearing last week to discuss the annexation in detail.The plan met with opposition from West Bountiful Mayor Jerry Thompson.

Thompson told council members the area they plan to annex - mostly undeveloped lots from Redwood Road east to almost 11th West and north nearly one-quarter mile from Fifth South - had long been considered by his City Council as a potential industrial and business development area that would eventually be annexed into West Bountiful.

He said if Woods Cross annexes the land it will ruin West Bountiful's chances for any industrial tax base. "You don't really need the additional tax base and we do. Your tax revenue is already twice as large as ours. If you annex the area, it is like taking candy from a baby."

Thompson asked the Woods Cross City Council to work with the West Bountiful Council to find some kind of a boundary agreement that would satisfy both cities. He said Fifth South had traditionally been thought of as the boundary between the two cities.