Seat belt usage can save lives. That is the message Pleasant Grove Police Chief Mike Ferre hopes to deliver to city residents beginning in October.

The City Council gave approval Tuesday evening for the police department to implement a community safety belt program that will also be operated in Lindon.The community safety belt program is a comprehensive education/enforcement project that will provide public information, officer training and increased enforcement of the Child Passenger Safety Law and the Utah Seat Belt Law.

"This is a good program, not only from the safety factor," said Ferre, "but it will also be a good public relations program for our department. This program allows us to work with the public on a one-on-one basis, giving positive comments rather than negative."

The goal of the project, which will be directed by Lt. Tom Paul, is to double seat belt use in Pleasant Grove and Lindon by Sept. 30, 1989. Many of the activities planned will involve educational programs at the six elementary schools in the Pleasant Grove/Lindon area. Educational programs also will be held at the junior and senior high schools.

The project will publicize information on where and how car seats can be rented. And signs promoting safety belt use will be placed at parking lot exits in Pleasant Grove and Lindon.