Israeli troops opened fire Thursday on a gang of masked Palestinians who had attacked their patrol using knives and clubs. The Israelis killed one assailant and seriously wounded another, the army said.

In the occupied Gaza Strip, meanwhile, troops shot and wounded seven Palestinians, including four teen-agers and two 9-year-old girls, Arab hospital officials said.A general strike was observed in the occupied lands to mark the nine-month anniversary of the Palestinian uprising.

Called by pro-PLO underground leaders of the revolt, it was viewed as a key test of their control in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

A rival underground group, the Moslem fundamentalist "Hamas," called the anniversary strike for Friday, underscoring a growing split in the uprising leadership.

A political dispute broke out over a U.S. invitation to Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to attend a Middle East peace meeting in Washington Sept. 25.

That will be a month before Israel's election, which pits Peres' Labor Party against Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's right-wing Likud bloc. President Reagan will host the meeting between Peres, who supports a U.S. peace plan, and Foreign Minister Esmat Abdel Meguid of Egypt.

Shamir, who opposes parts of the U.S. plan, accused Peres of engineering the invitation to influence the Nov. 1 Israeli parliamentary election, which both he and Peres have billed as a historic referendum on how to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Peres dismissed the charges, saying he accepted the U.S. invitation to keep the Middle East peace initiative "alive and well."