The Utah County Homeless Task Force, now in its second year of operation, is successfully addressing many of the concerns of the homeless population in Utah County, according to task force spokesmen.

The task force, composed of public officials and agency leaders, was created to provide coordination among service providers, to identify gaps and duplication of services, and to coordinate distribution of any new federal funding."This committee of dedicated professionals is working hard to help the homeless population in this area. They are doing a great job, and as a result, the plight of the homeless is being seriously dealt with," said Utah County Commissioner Gary Anderson, chairman of the task force.

The Utah County Task Force, collecting data for Utah County, has discovered that shelter is provided for 150 to 400 people each month.

Doug Bush, a VISTA volunteer who works under the direction of the task force, said recent Utah County statistics show about 35 percent of these people are transient homeless and are moving to another city. The others are "resident homeless."

"There are sufficient agencies and resources to meet the needs. The agencies are working together and are finding success in providing long-term solutions," said Bush.

"If individuals wish to stay in this area, we have the agencies to help get them settled, so that they need not be homeless. Our goal as a task force is to help people help themselves become self-sufficient."

The Homeless Task Force has prepared a resource guide that lists various agencies and the services they provide to the homeless. Copies may be obtained from the Community Action Agency in Provo.