Pleasant Grove residents will be able to look at the city's new ambulance Saturday at the Community Fair.

The City Council approved funding for the ambulance Tuesday night. Ann Topham, president of Pleasant Grove Emergency Medical Services, said the ambulance should arrive in time for the fair and will be displayed in Downtown Park.The $58,000 Collins ambulance will replace the van ambulance the city has used since 1974. Pleasant Grove will now have two ambulances and one first-response vehicle for emergency situations.

Topham said the ambulance was purchased using a combination of state emergency medical service grant money and city funds.

"We're ecstatic," said Topham. "The last time the city got a new ambulance, we didn't get the quality we anticipated. This time we did a lot of research before making a decision and we feel like we're getting a really nice unit."

Topham said the city's old ambulance had engine problems and the new ambulance will eliminate possible response delays.

Emergency Medical Services has a staff of 24 volunteer emergency medical technicians. Last year, they handled between 550 and 600 emergency calls.