Milah Dusara, the 13-year-old son of Brigham Young University's soccer coach, remains comatose after being struck by a car on March 15.

"He suffered some broken bones, but the major problems are from his head injuries," and he will be transferred to a rehabilitation center, said Clark Caras, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center spokesman.Caras said Dusara's age will be an asset in his recovery. "It's the same as with a stroke victim. The younger the person, the easier the re-education."

According to police reports, Dusara and two other boys were crossing between intersections near 13th South and State streets in Orem. An Orem motorist was able to avoid hitting the other boys but did not see Dusara. The car was traveling about 40 mph when it hit the teenager. No charges were filed.

Dusara is listed in serious but stable condition.